Summary:U450e dumb terminal connection

Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 11:51:39 CDT

It looks as though the problem appears to be a hardware problem with the serial
interface. There was another u450e in another lab that we have, and I took the
Wyse terminal, cable, null adapter and plugged it into the other 450, and it

I should have tried this yesterday and saved a mail.

Thanks anyways.

Mark Conroy

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Subject: U450e dumb terminal connection
Author: Mark Conroy at FNBC_CIB_NSGO_07
Date: 9/30/1998 8:17 AM

Question for the group.

In order to save the customer money, we usually don't order a graphics card and
monitor for setup of a server. We use a Wyse terminal with a null modem
cable(crosses pins 2 & 3-transmit and receive). It connects to the serial port
and works fine.

I have just received a new ultra 450e server and proceeded to add the
processor,fddi card and other hardware. I connected the Wyse terminal, that, by
the way, worked on an ultra 1 that we sitting right next to the new 450(so that
tells me the cable, null modem adapter, monitor were all working). I connected
it to the serial port on the u450e, and I didn't see anything. I called sun to
come it to verify all of the cards that I added. He connected a pc using a
different cable(he wasn't sure of the pin outs), and the serial port worked
fine. Ran diagnostics on the machine, and no problems were found. the guy from
sun said that he thought it was the null modem adapter, and that it needs to
cross pins 2 and 3. The null adapter I am using does cross 2 and 3. I tried
another terminal,cable null modem adapter, with no luck.

Anyone experience anything similar?

Any help would be appreciated.

I will summarize.

Mark Conroy

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