SUMMARY: Access control with userid on Proxy

From: Umit Dericioglu (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 10:03:12 CDT


Unfortunately there was no suggestions from sun-managers list.
So I contacted Sun. It took them quite some time to come back
and say that there was no way of authenticating the user based
on passwords on the Netra Proxy Cache Server.

It is quite a disappointment for a fairly recent product
from Sun. I am afraid we'll have to drop the software at least,
and go for another..


Original message:

>Hello managers,
>We have a Sun Netra Proxy 1.0. We have been asked to introduce
>a control on the usage through a userid/passwd pair.
>In other words, users should enter their userids and pwds
>in order to gain access to the proxy, with their logins being
>logged. It seems that Netra Proxy does not have such a feature
>while Netscape Proxy server, for example, does. Unfortunately,
>this doesn't make our new Netra Proxy server look good.
>Is there a way to add this userid/passwd authentication
>to Netra Proxy?
>Any ideas in that direction will be appreciated.

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