SUMMARY: network card for UE450

From: Witold Paluszynski (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 09:06:22 CDT

My request was for any third party sources for a PCI network
card that would work in an Ultra Enterprise 450 and provide
routing services for a few small local networks.

While nobody provided such source, a few people corrected the wrong
information I had about the X1034A card. Apparently it is a quad
FastEthernet card, not a quad 10 Mbps-only card as I had it down.

One person also advised me that it is more economical to buy a router
or a switch. I guess she meant it in terms of long-term maintenance,
because in terms of cash down a level 3 router costs many times
the X1034A, at least here in Poland.

Thanks to the following folks:

From: "Matthew Stier" <>
From: Steve Butterfield <>
From: (Martin Oksnevad)
From: "McCabe, Keith (London)" <mccabkei@MLE.CO.UK>
From: Sydney Weinstein <>
From: Ronald Loftin <>
From: John DiMarco <>
From: Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr <>

Witold Paluszynski <>
Institute of Tech. Cybernetics
Wroclaw University of Technology
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