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i apologise on my late summary. However, i got reply from only two
person. Thanks a lot to Casper Dik and miller Suffin.

Both of them pointed that i should have OBP version 3.2.14, which i
think is not the source to my problem as i have got OBP 3.2.16 on the
system. However, i didn't get any exact answers from them after few
discussion especially with Casper Dik.

i've double confirmed that i follow all the requirements based on Sun
Field Engineer book and i still couldn't figure out why it is. My
workaround is to remove the two CPU on the 2601 board and the system
works fine so far with mixed board and two CPU on 2602 board, plus 1GB

Below is my original question.

Hi all,


i have a E3500 with the following configuration:

4x250Mhz UltraSparc with 1MB cache (p/n: 501-4178)
2xCPU/memory board (mixed 83Mhz gigaplane and 100Mhz gigaplane)
1GB memory
OBP 3.2.16

My problem is:
The system detected fault on the 83Mhz board. (option 2601) and
recommend me to replace the two UltraSparc modules. i used
/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag to check the status. The orange light
at the front panel stays on.
i've synchonised the flash PROM to all board according to Sun Field
Engineer Book. i've also checked that the clock board can support
250Mhz. CPU (p/n : 501-4946).
>From the FE Book, it says that 250Mhz CPU with 1MB cache
(p/n: 501-4178) is not supported in E3500, BUT why the system can see
the two CPU without problem on the new board (option 2602). i tested the
same two modules with option 2602 board and it works just fine.

After a few testing and swapping, i make my own summary that UltraSparc
250Mhz w 1MB cache is not supported on E3500 but can be used without
problem if installed to new CPU/memory board (option 2602,
p/n: 501-4882)

So, i would like to double confirmed that:
250Mhz w 1MB cache CPU is not supported on E3500 or Ex500. So, pls give
me your comments or anybody has got the same experience before and would
like to share with me.

Thanks in advance. i will summarise.

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