SUMMARY - Print to network printer from Solaris 2.5

From: Dennis Martens (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 19:40:42 CDT

It was pointed out that I did not include the word SUMMARY when I posted
my findings.


attached mail follows:

Thanks to:

Adrian Cole
Jean-Philippe Leroy
Brian Desmond
Dennis Russell
Michael Wang
Jonathan Sturges
Vahid Moghaddasi
Roger Fujii

and others who asked further questions - whom I have answered

who, despite the fact that I did not mention that we were trying to
print to HP LaserJet printers, were able to help.

The solution to my original posting (which is attached) was to use HP's
JetAdmin software for Solaris. I downloaded this from , and
all works well!

Some people commented, as did I, that it was a shame that Solaris did
not handle printing better than this!

Thanks for your help


attached mail follows:

Advice please. I have scanned the archives, but the only answers I found
were related to earlier versions, and some of the solutions do not apply
to me.

We print from Solaris 2.5 (and 2.5.1) through to a SunOS4.1.3 print
server. I am trying to remove the SunOS factor, so I would like to print
directly to the printers, specifying their IP addresses.

I entered a printer in /etc/hosts , and through admintool I created a
printer definition, and I was even able to get something to print!
But...the output was garbled. I assume I need to specify a filter?

Sorry, but I am more used to bsd style printing... could someone please
outline the steps I need to follow?

Thanks, and I will summarise.

Dennis Martens
Unix Administrator
Qld Health, Brisbane, Australia

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