From: Brenda Marriott (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 16:04:03 CDT

Thank you all who responded. I have been out of sys adm for over a year
and forgotten
some useful things (and never learned other ;-)

Thanks to:
Roger Fugii
Nicky Ayoub (who's help finally led to my solution)
Becky Kain
Dennis Martens
Eric Panser
Nicholas Masika

Several of these kind people tolerated email back/forth from me. I
really appreciate it.
After writing a script to kill this guys' process (and running it via
cron) I cooled off. Nixed that idea.

I edited him out of .rhosts
I edited /etc/default/login to allow root login access Only from my

I also edited /etc/passwd (and NOT shadow - dumb!) and put a
+alex:no-login:0:0:::/bin/true - but this still did not prevent him
from logging on.. By this time I have very little hair on my head.

Another email from Nicky suggested the nsswitch.conf file. I read (and
re-read) the man page on nsswitch.conf (one of those files I had
forgotten..). I changed the passwd: files nis entry to passwd:
compat and that did the trick! When I tried to su - alex - nada!

Thank you all for your patience!

And yes Nicholas, talking to him might have worked too!

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