SUMMARY: Patchdiag Tool Version 1.0.2 Problem

From: Tim Tsao (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 11:27:49 CDT

Thanks for Alan Chan, whose answer solved the problem.
Here's how to get around with it:

In your Patchdiag Tool directory, put a link in the form of

# ln -s /opt/GNUperl5/lib/

Change /opt/GNUperl5/lib to whatever your PERL_HOME/lib is.

You may also need the following:
# ln -s PERL_HOME/lib/
# ln -s PERL_HOME/lib/
# mkdir Time
# cd Time
# ln -s PERL_HOME/lib/Time/

Following are my original question:

This is something to do with Sun's Patchdiag Tool.

I downloaded Patchdiag Tool 1.0.2 Monday (09/14/98) from SunSolve web
site and ran it on two my systems here. One is a UE5000 and the other
one is UE3000. Both are running Solaris 2.5.1 11/97.

When I ran it, I got the following error message IMMEDIATELY:

Can't locat in @NIC at line 210.

However, when I ran 1.0.1 version of Patchdiag Tool, no problem at
all. I'm wondering anybody had the same problem and how it was solved
(by still running 1.0.2, not the older 1.0.1).

Will Summarize.

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