Summary: Shared Memeory tools

From: Brian Laughton (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 09:49:24 CDT

Thanks to

Eugene Kramer
Harvey Wamboldt
Randy J. Parker

Most people recomended the 'ipcs' command and this provided the basic info
I needed.

Randy Parker also recommened 'memtool' which I have down loaded but have not
had a chance to test or install.
        memtool is avaialable at:

Randy also gave me a good reference
        See Adrian's article in the March '98 SunWorld Online

Thnx to all that replied.

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Brian Laughton wrote:

> Howdy ....
> I'm in the process of performing an upgrade on several servers and
> I am trying to determine the shared memory requirements for them. I would
> like a tool/utility to measure the amount of shared memory being used by
> the processes on the current machine to make a judgement on the amount
> of memory I will need to configure on the new machine.
> Current machine(s) are E3000 and Ultra2 running solaris 2.5.
> Will summarize.
> Thnx in advance.
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