SUMMARY: pam_authentication warnings

From: Aaron Lineberger (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 10:21:25 CDT

My original problem:

>>2.5.1 NIS master 2.6 client, trying to use passwd: compat in nsswitch.conf
>>file on the new 2.6 machine but it refuses to let me log in. If I change
>>back to files nis I can log in but this shows up in my log files when I
>>to the 2.6 machine:
>>Sep 28 15:48:49 login: pam_authenticate: error
>>I kind of need to use compat for the + options in the password and shadow
>>files. I've read through the cryptic man pages on pam but am getting
>>nowhere. Any ideas are appreciated. :)

The answer:
>Have you run "pwconv" after adding the +/- entries to /etc/passwd?
>You need to have correspondign entries in /etc/shadow; pwconv
>will add those.

This seemed really strange to me considering I had changed the nsswitch.conf
file to use compat but had not changed the password or shadow files to
include the + entries yet. I figured that compat was similar enough to files
nis that it would not require the + entries to work. Sure enough when I
changed the passwd and shadow files to include the + entries and then used
compat everything worked...

Thanks Casper.

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