Summary: Benchmark Programs

From: Phil Kao (
Date: Mon Sep 28 1998 - 12:00:40 CDT

Thanks to all the quick responses. (Rik Schneider) (Scott Woods) (Richard Skelton) (Jonathan Sturges) (Gert Marais) (John Weekley) (Eric Pancer) (Jonathan Wilner) (Roger Fujii) (Michael Clarkson) (Sanjava Srivastava)

Many people included the source code in their reply.
Others gave the official site address for Bonnie:

Others gave alternative sites for benchmark programs:
        iozone, iogen, bonnie

iogen is located at

other interesting sites: is the Georgia Tech University site, has lots of linux

Once again, this list is great!

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> Subject: Benchmark Programs
> Sunners,
> I am looking for a benchmark program called 'bonnie'
> Bonnie tests the throughput of a SCSI device.
> I already have IOBench (from the Symbios Logic website)
> and LADDIS from the website
> Anyone know where 'bonnie' is hiding?
> TIA,
> -phil

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