SUMMARY: Strange checksum behaviour

From: Chris Stoddart (
Date: Mon Sep 28 1998 - 09:21:59 CDT

Many thanks to (so far):
Marianne Rodgers <>
Kevin Sheehan - Uniq <>
Roger Fujii <>
Daniel Lorenzini <>
"David L. Markowitz" <>
Gavin Brennan <>
Michael Hill <>

Well I finally solved it. Most people thought the system was getting
mixed up between /usr/bin/sum and /usr/ucb/sum (I also have the gnu sum
installed). However the script carefully sets the PATH to /usr/bin, and
if that wasn't enough, calls /usr/bin/sum explicitly.

The problem turned out to be lack of space in /var (especially /var/tmp
and /var/spool/pkg). Because I was working remotely from the machine I was
installing on, I didn't see the error messages on the console 'till I
looked in /var/adm. Anyway, I temporarly symlinked /var/tmp and
/var/spool/pkg to a disk with a huge amount of space and the
installation worked perfectly.

Thanks guys for helping,


Dr Chris Stoddart: Unix SysAdmin,
Department of Computer Science, 
Sheffield University, U.K.

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