From: Harry Ford (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 12:03:01 CDT

Sorry this sum took so long. Thanks to:
Al Hopper, Vince Merrell, Michael J. Conolly, Roger Fujii and Rene Petersen.

As for the reliability of Used sun equipment, it looks like its reliability
 depends on how the machine was treated before me buying it -- i.e. air
conditioned room? extreme conditions, etc.

as for the ventilation in a Sparc 5 -- looks like it's ok but here are two
comments that intrigued me:

"... the holes [in the case] may not be too optimum for hot drives. I put
a tape over the left side so that more air would be brought through the
bottom (and around the drives)."

"Don't mount drives internally if you want them to live long happy lives!
 Its that simple. Get a good external enclosure with lots of airflow.
 Barracudas (and other 7,200 RPM drives) need a constant airflow over the
 HDA enclosure - it does'nt matter which direction the air flows - it
 just needs a constant air stream."

I figure I'll have to try it out and guage the temperature of the case
myself -- I thank you all for your comments and time.

Couple people wondered what the hell I'm thinking buying SS5s for 3K
each... well... the managers here are a bit paranoid about moving up to
ultras and solaris -- we're still running 4.1.4. an ongoing battle. anyway
- decided to compromise and buy relatively high end SS5s.


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