SUMMARY: cpu woes

From: Anthony Morgan (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 15:16:58 CDT

One final desparation call to SUN paid off. I was informed that this is a bug
(4175796). An E450 straight out of the box with multiple 300 Mhz processors (you
can forget about using 360 Mhz) will enable only one processor if EEPROM value
upa-noprobe-mask is set to anything other than zero. Mine was set to 14. How it
got that way, I'll never know considering the the default value is zero! I don't
care, all I know is that it worked and my cpus are singing. My thanks to all who

Anthony Morgan wrote:
> I've gotten numerous responses to try boot -r. The EEPROM is defaulted > to use the -r option at boot. Wales Wong suggested psradm which sets
> the CPU on/off-line. I tried several options, but still only
> recognizing cpu0. I've spent hours swapping and testing each cpu (and > the DC units) but no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong but, shouldn't this > be as simple as install and boot -r? Are there any special tricks > necessary to get these guys going?
> Anthony Morgan wrote:
> >
> > I've checked the archives and found nothing on this one.
> >
> > I have an E450 with 4 300 Mhz cpus. banner reflects all four at boot
> > and post diags recognize them as well. At the ok prompt .asr reveals
> > that cpu0 thru cpu3 are indeed enabled. However, mpstat, prtdiag and
> > psrinfo only report that cpu0 is active. How can I get the other > > three going? Thanks.

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