SUMMARY: which card gets picked?

From: Erwin Fritz (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 11:43:22 CDT

My original question:
I have three Ultra-1 machines, each running Solaris 2.5.1 with the latest
patches. Each one has a CGX card and a Creator card (don't ask). On two of the
machines, the CGX card becomes the "primary" one upon boot. On the third
machine, the Creator card gets picked.

I'm curious about how the machine knows which one to use. I need to control this

so I know which port to plug the monitor in.

All answers pointed to, as I suspected, the eeprom settings. I was told to check
the 'output-device' and 'sbus-probe-list' settings.

The 'output-device' is set to 'screen' for all three machines.
The 'sbpus-probe-list' is set to '01' for all three machines.

I believe that, for some reason, the CGX card on the third machine believes that
it is 1, and the Creator card thinks that it is 0. When I can wrest that machine
from its user, I will change the settings and experiment.

Thanks go to the following:

John Keeton
Harvey Wamboldt
Miller Stufin
Duane Grant
Roger Fujii
Michael Salehi

Erwin Fritz
Gilbert Laustsen Jung Associates Ltd.

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