SUMMARY: rlogin not working

From: Ken McKinlay (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 15:12:41 CDT

Once again to everyone on the list.

Almost everyone had me check if the rlogin daemon was running. It
was, everyone else could access it except from the one system.

John Vogtle response seemed to be the solution. I'd love to have the
real reason...

I don't have a *true* solution but I've seen this as well. It's seems
to be caused by the rlogin patch. If you run snoop between the two
machines that you're rlog'ing into, you should see that the two
machines are communicating just fine - you'll see you're input being
sent to the remote host and replies generated and sent back. The
local host simple doesn't *DISPLAY* the results.

I removed the rlogin patch on the host making the connection and
rlogin started working again.

Original Question
>I have a problem that just won't stay fixed...
>From one system only, a Solaris 2.5 with latest patches, I can not
>rlogin to an Ultrasparc 2.5.1 system (with latest patches). rsh works
>when given a command and telnet works without a problem. Both the
>user account and the *root* account exhibits the same problem. No
>error messages are reported on the screen or in the logs. The system
>just sits there. Even worse, this is intermittent. I have checked
>the Summaries for any ideas but without success.
>This one is starting to drive me and the user even crazier than

Thanks to:
John M. Vogtle
Colin Melville
Eric Levine
Steve Kay
Brian Desmond
Jeff Graham

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