SUMMARY: Re: Jumpstart Ultra60 problems

From: Jeffrey Liu (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 12:35:47 CDT

I double checked the jumpstart server and found out that the problem
was my careless typo ethernet address, like many of you indicated.
The ethers should be "08:00:20:..." but my typo was "00:08:20....".
I cann't believe that I checked several times before.

Anyway, the jumpstart is going.., thanks for all the reply.

My original question is following.
>I'm running a problem when jumpstart a Ultra60 to Solaris 2.5.1
>{0} OK boot net - install
>Boot device: /pci@1f, 4000/network@1,1 File and args: - install
>Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
>The jumpstart server is fine because I've used it to jumpstart many
>Ultra5/10/30 workstations.
>The network connection is OK because it's connected to a small hub
>all other workstations are working fine and I switched to different
>jumpstart client setting is completed. Acturally, I'm jumpstarting
>workstation, one sparc 5 is going, but this ultra60 failed.
>There is no output using "snoop -o snoop.out jumpstartserver
>What's wrong?
>I'm thinking about ethernet card problem, how do I test it?
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