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Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 21:08:12 CDT


  I've got > 10 answers in just one day and here are my org question and

Q & A


  We are going to setup an NIS env. and we have the following questions

1) Is it a good idea to place an slave on each sub-net ?

>> Most ppl told me that it is a good idea to reduce the sub-net traffic
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>> Depends. If you have a homogeneous mix of Solaris 2.5.1 machines and
above it is
not strictly necessary to have a slave on each sub-net. This is because
uses multicast instead of broadcast for binding purposes.
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>> you need to have an nis slave server on each subnet. technically,
nis does not
cross subnets. you can force it using the ypsetme option, but that has
not so good ramifications. the client always binds to the server that
first. that may or may not have any relation to the order in which you
host names in the ypinit -c command. binding is dynamic and will change
throughout the day.
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2) If we use "ypinit -c" in the client, we can add many servers
as needed. say

   # ypinit -c

   next host to add : host1
   next host to add : host2
   next host to add : hostn

   Then if we start the ypstart script, is it true (the first server
on the above list) that the client will always bind on host1 ?

>> You can list as many servers to bind to using ypinit -c. They will be
tried all
at once (kinda like a spray) although the order of servers gives some
preference. Whoever responds first will be the server bound to
(generally this
is the first in list).
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3) If host1 (our master) is crashed, will the client rebind to the
next nearest one ?

>> Will re-bind but need to wait for serval mins.
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4) Very interested in : How can we know what is the name of the
slave server(s) in our lan. Are there any command to do it ?

>> Yes, "ypcat -k ypservers"


    Again, thanks to everybody who took care of my questions and sorry
if I didn't mentioned your big name here. I hope you don't mind ...



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