SUMMARY: Solid State Hard Drives

From: Harry Ford (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 10:28:57 CDT

hmm, got more auto-replies than actual responces... but thanks to David
Thorburn-Gundlach and Craig Raskin for their insight.

Craig Writes:
"...If you are going to use them, find out where your bottlenecks are and use
them for that. Generally you want to use it for a partition which has a
lot of temporary files being created and destroyed. This data can not be
cached easily so you get a tremendous speed increase."

David adds:
"...I'd say that they're probably a waste for home directories or any real
space; they're much more useful as transaction log disks, which really
get hammered by lots of small writes...If you truly have enough money to
burn to buy gigs and gigs of SSD, you'd be better off coughing up the cash for
a large cached system such as an EMC disk tower with 8G or more of
front-end cache that you could use in much the same way."

I do not. no way. nuh uh. But I thought I might look into them because we
don't have need for a *huge* amount of space -- though I didn't realize
SSDs came (on average) in 100 meg pieces (that cost $2000-$4000...)

Thanks for your help, my original question is gone... basically asking what
to look for.


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