From: Peter Polasek (
Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 17:16:31 CDT

I asked if there are any shareware SNMP packages available. All but one
recommended the 'UCD-SNMP' package available from

One recommended CMU-SNMP: (some related info) (the actual site)

I have downloaded both and will eventually report if I find one to be

Original Question:
Is anyone aware of a shareware UNIX daemon available to catch
SNMP traps? We have 3com Transcend software to handle SNMP
events, but would like to be able to pipe the results into a
homegrown application through a UNIX daemon. I will summarize.

Thanks to the following for their helpful responses:
Stephen Harris <>:
Michael Neef <>:
adlai b <>
Benjamin Cline <>

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