SUMMARY: E450, A5000, Veritas + TAS

From: Danny Cox (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 13:30:19 CDT

Dear all,

  my thanks to Greg TeHennepe, John Welch, Jim Robertson, cifsman and
Syntax's support
too. It's been suggested that vxfs causes significant problems with
TAS, although once
I'd applied the most recent patch [number 10] my problems appear to be
resolved, and
vxfs hasn't been an issue. The E450/A5000 combination doesn't seem to
have been an
issue. I'm informed that TAS 5.3 doesn't yet have the functionality
within it that patch10
provides, and applying patch 10 to TAS 5.3 is a *bad idea*. Patch 10,
among other things,
fixes a problem with hanging Suns. A couple of other tips were to turn
from preserve to lower, using tnvolume and also to set fnmap-table=on.

> from the /var/opt/totalnet/usr/sbin
> ./tnvolume -M -v (volume name) -a fnmap-table=on

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