SUMMARY: javastation and OS

From: SUKHAVASI Kumar (
Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 01:04:28 CDT

Thanks to Bill Hathaway <>

I got the same answer from SUN too.

Netra-j 2.0.1 is required for javastation to boot and work.

Previously it used to be free download now it has to be purchased as
Netra-j. It runs on both Solaris 2.6 and 2.5.1

My Question was..

Hi Managers,

I have Solaris 2.6 running on my Server and bought a javastation. I
understand that javastation needs Java OS to boot and work. Does any one
know where I can download the JAVAOS or what is to be bought as I dont
see any JAVAOS as a product.

I will summarise.

Thanks in Advance.


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