SUMMARY: DNS Migration Question.

From: Leif Ericksen (
Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 08:25:48 CDT

I have had several answers to my question about problems with migrating
DNS from one server to another.

In Brief the the original question wanted to know what should I look out
for in migrating From A DNS Client to a DNS Primary, and are there tools
available to help out.

Folks that helped: ( In No particular order )

        Daniel Stringfield <>
        "Kruse, Jason K." <>
        Kevin Colagio <>
        Bob Radvanovsky <>
        Rik Schneider <>


        1) Make sure the server is running the latest version of bind
           8.1.2 or Higher. (I have told my company that, but some are
           nervous about the upgrade. I will do it and tell after it is
           My Note: Bind can be found at
           As well 8.1.2 has some changes so it is not a straight
           forward install, you will have to change the named.boot file.
        2) Tell the internic, or ISP or any other upline provider that
           must know.

        3) TEST TEST and RE-TEST before I make the changes to the nic
           or the upline provider. Save the DNS data for about 1 month
           on the original master DNS machine.
        Rik gave me the following steps to make the change.
> 1. Ensure that /usr/sbin/in.named or /usr/sbin/named exists.
> 2. Make sure that the version of named that you are running has been
> patched against the vulnerabilties mentioned in CERT* Advisory
> CA-98.05.
> 3. Copy zone and config files from host-a.
> 4. Clean/modify zone and config files (time permiting) on host-b only.
> 5. Start named daemon.
> 6. Verify operation (use nslookup, set server to host-b, browse the
> world)
> 7. Test.
> 8. Change /etc/resolv.conf (or whatever) on a client machine.
> 9. Verify and test client machine.
> 10. Change /etc/resolv.conf on host-b.
> 11. Verify and test host-b.
> 12. Notify others of changes (e.g. Internic, Arin, Your ISP).
> 13. Start migrating client machines to host-b.
> 14. After recieving appropriate responses from messages in Step 12 take
> down name services on host-a (do this near the begining of your shift
> at the begining the work week). The best way to do this is to rename
> /etc/named.boot (named.conf under BIND-8.x) to something else and kill
> the running named proccess.
> 15. Wait at least a month before completely wiping the zone and config
> files from host-a.

        4) One suggestion was to get every O'Reilly book I could lay
hands on. They stated they were not related. I do not
           know if I believe that. ;)

        5) I was told the following as well:
> One thing I would encourage would be to make the old
> server point to the new one until you can migrate all clients
> to look at the new one.

        6) I was told to migrate to the new BIND but to beware
changes. This poor fellow had to clean up 32 class 'C's worth
           of DNS because of a problem that the old BIND did not catch.
                ( OUCH! )

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