SUMMARY: calendar manager reporting rpc error

From: Cathy Smith (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 16:26:43 CDT


my original question concerned a problem with calendar manager.
the symptoms of the problem were:
1. rpc error message, "Remote system error" generated while viewing
   the calendar
2. calendar manager does not display all data.

the platform is sun os 4.1.4 running calendar manager version 3.

i found a partial solution to this problem with the jumbo calendar
manager patch, #100523-24. this patch addresses both problems.
however, i had mixed results in using it. it worked fine on the
user's desktop machine. on a test machine where i have the recommended
yr2k patches, it did not solve the display problem.

my thanks to Vince Merrell <> who pointed me
towards the patch.

thanks very much.


Cathy L. Smith
Dallas Semiconductor
Honk if you love peace and quiet.

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