SUMMARY: Error "Password does not decrypt secret key"

From: Steven Quan (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 14:58:11 CDT

Thanks all for responding to my question so fast.


 I have a strange message when logging in NIS+ domain: "password does not
decrypt" but it still log the user in.
> Does it have anything to do with rootkey ?
> It happens to some users and on some workstations only.

Answer: (Kris Briscoe had a very complete answer, thanks Kris)

        1) login as user. and run 'chkey -p'. This will prompt for secure RPC password. Chances are it is set to 'nisplus' by default. This
is what the nispopulate script sets it to upon installation. Now you will be prompted for new secure RPC password. This is the users
login password. Understand that these two DO NOT have to be the same. Just know that the user will need to do a 'keylogin' after
he/she logins in. This is not a huge issue unless you are doing stuff requiring secure RPC.

        2) you can run nisclient -c -u <user>
           This will reinitialize the client, but he or she will still have to run 'nispasswd' after you reseet the password.

Again thanks you all.

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