SUMMARY [interm?] Setting default paths on Solaris 2.6

From: Petro (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 14:31:01 CDT

Man, that was quick. Thanks.

Two original questions:

At 1:52 PM -0500 9/10/98, Petro wrote:
>I've been looking for the answer to this one for quite a while, and now
>that I am officially a Unix Admin, I kinda need to know:
>Where does Solaris set it's _default_ paths? It isn't in /etc/profile, nor
>/etc/cshrc. I know I can change or append to the path via a .login or
>whatever, but since everyone on my machines needs exactly the same paths, I
>was wondering where this setting was.
>I know this is probably pretty basic, but no one I know in meat space has
>the answer, and I can't find in in the docos. Sorry, and thanks.

        Thanks for the quick responces to:

Mark Hargrave <>
Roger D McGraw <>
Igor Schein <>
Michael Hocke <>
Ronald Loftin <>

        Who pointed me towards:


        However (and I had found that, and tried it) when I edit that, log
out, and log back in, the change isn't reflected.

I have PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin: but I get:

>echo $PATH

        as root, and

        as a different user.

        I shouldn't need to reboot should I?

Rob Leonard <>
James Musso <>

        Pointed me towards /etc/skel, which I haven't tried yet, but I was
hoping for a single location.

        Also it was mentioned that I should edit .cshrc & similar/related
files, but that is what I am hoping to avoid.

>I will, of course, summarize.

>Also, is anyone maintaining a archive of "summaries"?

Roger D McGraw <> also came forth with: work related issues. I don't speak for Playboy. everthing else. They wouldn't like that.
                                              They REALLY
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