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From: Pravin Chavan (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 01:11:17 CDT

Hi Managers,

Thanks a lot for the responses sent by:

"Miri Weiss (Unix SysAdmin)" <>
Leif Neve <>
Srinivasa Rao Duddupudi <>
Vahid Moghaddasi <>

I had already tried out all the suggestions Finally
it turned to be a problem with the hard disk. "fsck"
solved my problem.


You probably have, but since you didn't mentioned it
specifically, I'll ask anyway.
Did you mark the 'return to home session' option in
the 'Style manager - Startup' window (instead of the
default 'resume current session' option)?

Sorry if this is WAY obvious, but ... after Setting the Home Session
do you press OK? That step is essential for SAVING your changes.
I recall having exactly this problem a few years ago and I believe
this is what I was doing wrong.

-Leif Neve



Solution is Remove the .dt directory. When you login next time it get's created
and everything will be set right. If you have time and energy try
figuring out what went wrong.

I assume that you already used "/usr/dt/bin/dtstyle" | Startup and
checked "Return to Home session and
check Logout Confirmation Dialog to "Off" and clicked on "Set Home
If not please do so and observe the result,
otherwise, if your home directory is NFS mounted from another server,
check your uid on that server to make sure is
the same as that of your local system.

Hope this will work.

There is an option within the control panel for CDE that lets you choose whether
or not you want the windows and positions saved between logouts.

The best option for you, if the colors and nothing else is being saved, is to
create a new user, and see if the new user can save the desktop settings. If
so, then there is something wrong with the files in your home directory... maybe
the permissions... (probably not though).

Give that a try.

Gary Franczyk
Systems Administrator

Original Question:

Hi sun-managers,

I am working on an Ultra1 with Solaris 2.5.1

and CDE 1.0.2. My desktop settings are not

saved when I logout. I have tried "SETTING" the

home session and then logging out. But the settings

are gone when I log in again. $HOME/.dt/sessions/home


Strangely enough whenever I do a "cd $HOME/.dt/sessions/home"

the time on all the files gets updated to the current


Can't understand why home session is not retained

and why a "cd" should change the time stamp on files?

Thanks in advance. Will summarize.




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