SUMMARY:Re: Printer Question

From: Venu M Middela (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 00:26:18 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,
        Thanks for the numerous replies. The trick worked
for the printer and I'm able to print with the suggested
printer port /dev/ecpp0. I just added the printer to the
unix box using admintool with the printer port as /dev/ecpp0.

After so many days of my breaking heads over this, I now feel there
 there is some place in the sun documentation on the web , where
its clearly distingushed and explained in detail the differences
in configuration between the PCI based machines and the Sbus based
Any ideas???

Thanks to the follwong people for their replies:
 Bill Hathaway <>
 Kawin Treesuwan <>

Venu M Middela

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Venu M Middela wrote:

> Hello Sun Managers,
> We recently upgraded our server from sparc5(2.5.1)
> to Ultra5(2.6). we had a HP printer attached to the old sparc.
> It was a local printer to the sparc. Now when I try to hook the
> HP printer to the new ultra5 and add it through admintool, it doesnt
> recognise the printer. I have tried hooking to the parallel port as well
> as the port A . Bu still it doesnt recognise. Am i doing something wrong
> here. And also in the admintool menu there is no option for the
> parallel port (/dev/pp0).
> Any pointers or ideas ???
> Thanks and will summarise.
> Venu.

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