SUMMARY: Loading Ultra w/o monitor

From: Jim Faust (
Date: Tue Sep 08 1998 - 09:15:31 CDT

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> Hi All,
> I just received an Ultra 60. Unfortunately, the morons at the
> distributor sent the wrong monitor and there's no way I can make the two
> work together. I need to get this thing setup as soon as possible so I
> wanted to see if I could use my laptop and a serial cable. My
> understanding is that if I boot this system w/o a keyboard, it sets the
> console to serial A. Can I connect my laptop and run hyperterm to act
> as a console? I've been playing w/ this a bit and have tried a variety
> of terminal types and flow control settings w/ little luck.

I got boatloads of help on this. Thanks to all.

The basic info is that these new Ultras ship with the serial ports set
to 8-N-1. I know that the older systems were not like this, 7-E-1
somebody said. I used a null modem cable and immediately got hyperterm
to talk to the Ultra

The first installation I performed I had hyperterm set to "auto detect"
which changed to "ansi" once I began talking to the Ultra. After
booting off the 2.6 CD, I selected "PC console" as my terminal option
from the installation routine. This brought a blue screen and with the
exception of a few minor troubles, everything worked fine, even the
function keys. During the installation of a second system, I used the
same hyperterm settings, at least I thought I did, but for some reason
didn't have function keys and only had partial use of the TAB key. This
made the installation a bit more challenging, but it was still doable.

I did try this all again and manually specified vt100 as my terminal,
this also didn't have function key use and only limited TAB usage.

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