SUMMARY: prefmeter displays R.I.P.

From: Jose Morales (
Date: Tue Sep 08 1998 - 05:32:10 CDT

> I have an current and annoying problem, when a run perfmeter on one of
> our ultra2 machines I get a R.I.P. where it should display the graphs
> perfmeter show.

Make sure that rstatd is running.
Hi Jose,

  The machine you wish to monitor must be able to run the rpc.rstatd
statistics server. It is usually run from inetd, so a
(non-commented :-) line for it should be present in /etc/inetd.conf.
Apart from that I have no good guesses.

Good luck


  Carsten B. Knudsen Email:


Hi Jose,
This problem happens when either the machine you are running perfmeter
if it is a remote connection, or the machine whose performance you are
to display lose connection to the network. Check your network
connections and
network cards and also your routing if you are displaying a remote
which is on a different subnet.

        Check for the rstatd enabled on /etc/inetd.conf of the machine
whose performance you need to monitor. Uncomment the line and restart

Harish S .

For some reason my inetd.conf file was correct but will not exec the

final solution for my problem: exec the rstatd then exec the perfmeter.

Thanks for such prompt and accurate response.

Jose Morales
Telefonica I+D
Prueva de Systemas

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