SUMMARY: Screen unblanking on Ultra5

From: Chris Stoddart (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 10:11:05 CDT

Quick turnaround thanks to (so far):

Roger Fujii <>
Michael Pearlman <>
"Paul R. Hybert" <>

It seems there is a bug report about the m64B video card not waking up
after a powering down, a problem that only occurs when dtlogin is
disabled. There is also a patch, 105362-10 fixes the problem.
My machine had 105362-8 installed, obviously this didn't.

I installed the latest patch, and everything wakes up perfectly.

Thanks folks,


Orignial message:

> We have a brand new ultra 5 on which I have disabled the dtlogin
> screen, so there is a console-type login, and also disabled the
> machine power-saving feature. However the screen still blanks after a
> certain amount of time, leaving the green power light on the montior
> slowly blinking, and when I come to wake it up (with the mouse or
> whatever) I get the error message:
> WARNING: pm: Can't reume SUNW,m64B
> WARMING: pm: Can't awaken dependee
> WARNING: Device consms:0 failed to power up.
> And indeed, if I try logging in and starting a CDE or Openwin session
> the screen colours are messed up and the mouse cursor invisible - the
> only resort is to reboot the machine.
> If I leave the machine running a dtlogin/CDE/Openwin session, then the
> screen blanking wakes up fine.
> Is this a hardware error does anyone know? I'd prefer to keep the
> machine with dtlogin disabled, so is there a way of stopping the screen
> blanking happening? For long periods of console inactivity it's easy
> enough to turn the monitor off. Your comments appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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