Summary: can't verify hostname: gethostbyname(...) failed

From: Jeffrey C. Keyser (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 10:55:14 CDT

The problem turned out to be with tcpd (TCP Wrappers). After recompiling
without "-DALWAYS_HOSTNAME" ftp and telnet connections worked normally.

Jeffrey C. Keyser wrote:
> I just converted my Internet gateway/mail server from a Netra i (Solaris
> 2.5, sendmail 8.6) to an Ultra5 (Solaris 2.6, sendmail 8.9.1a, BIND
> 4.9.4). I copied the contents of /var/named to the new server, modified
> the necessary files to reflect the new server's name and rebooted the
> server. The correct DNS messages scrolled by during the boot sequence.
> When I attempt to make connections to the server, there ar intermittent
> delays; sometimes three seconds, sometimes up to three minutes. When I
> initiate an ftp session, I get a connected message, but there's a delay
> until I get a login prompt.
> Below is the contents of my server console. These messages appear at the
> same instance I get a prompt on the client.
> charon#
> charon#
> charon# Sep 5 10:40:19 charon in.wuftpd[2815]: warning: can't verify
> hostname: gethostbyname( failed
> Sep 5 10:40:23 charon in.telnetd[2826]: warning: can't verify hostname:
> gethostbyname( failed
> While running snoop in a separate window, I don't see any packets from

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