SUMMARY:booting x000 from StorEdge A5000.

From: bashar (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 10:25:46 CDT

Hi again ....

Thanks to all who responded, I just plugged the Fiber Cables out from the
FC-AL SBUS card GBIC's to A0 configured the A5000 as a single loop and
booted sol2.6 CD to install; it went OK, configuring devices it saw the
FC-AL controller and disks, continued as a regular Solaris install and even
adjusted the boot path in the firmware for
At the beginning I thought I have to adjust the boot-device "just like the
SSA100" in the firmware so I browsed the device tree but I couldn't see the
Anyway I have to play around with the A5000 front panel config to really
understand thoroughly as there are many configs you can do with it.
Thanks again

My original inquiry:
I am having trouble seeing the disks in the StoreEdge A5000 disk array from
system firmware at the OK> prompt.
I have two controllers A,B on the A5000 one GBIC in A0 and the other in B0
connected both to one FC-AL SBUS card in the E4000.
I need to install the OS on one of the A5000 disks, I have not found any
related materials in the manuals.
Thank You

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