SUMMARY: Recreating DS RAID partition after root disk crash..

From: John Keeton (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 09:51:16 CDT

Hello all..

I fixed my Disk Suite problem.. I has 90% of the fight won, but I needed t
to a "metaclean d0" then

metainit d0 -r c1t0d0s7 c1t1d0s7 c1t2d0s7 c2t0d0s7 c2t1d0s7 c2t2d0s7 c3t0d0s7 c3t1d0s7 c3t2d0s7 -k -i 32b

To get it all set back up (the -k option is the key) then after I did that,
it fscks, and mounts..

Thanks to:
Umesh Chandra Singhal <>


Orgional Message Follows:
Greetings all..

        I have an ultra60:
SunOS hostname 5.6 Generic_105181-06 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-60

with disksuite 4.1 on it, and the root partition failed on it this morning..
I have the machine up and working again, but I can't get the RAID5 working.

I put back my backup copies of the /etc/opt/SUNWmd/* files, and rebooted with
a /reconfigure. Then I ran
/usr/opt/SUNWmd/sbin/metainit d0 -r c1t0d0s7 c1t1d0s7 c1t2d0s7 c2t0d0s7 c2t1d0s7
+c2t2d0s7 c3t0d0s7 c3t1d0s7 c3t2d0s7 -k -i 32b
which I got all of the inro out of /etc/opt/SUNWmd/, and it says:
# ./metainit d0 -r c1t0d0s7 c1t1d0s7 c1t2d0s7 c2t0d0s7 c2t1d0s7 c2t2d0s7
+c3t0d0s7 c3t1d0s7 c3t2d0s7 -k -i 32b
metainit: hostname: d0: unit already set up
Then when I try to mount it, it says:
# mount /dev/md/dsk/d0 /a
mount: /dev/md/dsk/d0 no such device
Any ideas, suggestions, other than newfs.. :)

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