SUMMARY : Misbehavoiur with NFS Mounts

From: Seshagiri Maddirala Rao (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 05:47:37 CDT


Thanx to Ronald Loftin <> &
         Cathy Smith<> for their advise.

The problem seems to be with Patch Upgradation.We are in the
process of doing it.

With regards,

~~From Tue Sep 1 13:05:36 1998
~~Hi Managers,
~~WE had a peculiar problem y'day. The problem is like this:
~~We have home directory server which serves about 100 odd
~~accounts . The users keep their Mail folders in their
~~home directroies and the home directroies are auto mounted
~~whenever they login. Most of the users use Open Windows
~~Mailtool. Their Mail inboxes are mounted from another NFS
~~server and the /var/mail is mounted from this server.
~~Yester day when they tried to access their Mail folders
~~from their home directories, mailtool was hanging. However
~~if some one tries to open the folder thru vi or CDE Mail tool,
~~it was opening. But the problem is not with Open Windows
~~Mailtool. Because not only the folders not opening , some of
~~our applications which use data in Home directories also
~~were not working.
~~When we checked Home directory server, it was found that nfsd
~~was occupyling lot of CPU Time and there was no problem with
~~accessing home directories or folders thru simple UNIX commands.
~~The OS on Home directory server is 2.5.1 Generic_103640-05
~~on Ultra-2 with SSA and Veritas Volume Manager. This had
~~happened also earlier. We got out of the problem by stopping
~~and starting the NFS server daemon. Any clues? Any patches
~~are required to be loaded?
~~Thanx in Advance for your help.

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