SUMMARY: FlexLM licensing problem.

From: Sanborn, Ed (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 07:55:22 CDT

Well, I actually found the solution before the list did this time. With
a little packet sniffing with snoop and a PC sniffer too I was able to
see that the client was still trying to address my license server
with the simple non-fully qualified DNS name (ie. 'sunny') even
though I had explicitly spelled out the full name in the license.dat
file. Very strange. So what did I do? I put entries in my NIS for my
Sun client that listed my license servers with both fully qualified DNS
non fully-qualified imple name so tht itwould resolve to the IP.
I thought, and so does everyone else, that changing the license.dat
so that I had fully qualified DNS names (ie. '') was
enough. Not so. Thanks to all who responded.

Original question:

I'm getting the following error when try'ing to get a license for
one of my FlexLM licensed tools on my Sun Enterprise 450:

  Error! ERROR (LM -8): can't find SERVER hostname
    " in network database.
  Feature is VERILOG-XL

I think I'm getting this because I've moved my Sun client to
another DNS domain other than the server. If I try from a
client in the same DNS domain as the server all is fine. Is
there anything that can be done to get the licensing to work
well across domains?

I AM able to ping both server from the client and client from the
server just fine.

Thanks in advance,


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