Summary:Jumpstart finish script problem

From: Tony Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 03:32:38 CDT

Many thanks to everyone who replied, particularly William Kuderka who
sent me an example of a finish script to check the syntax. My original
post was:

I've set up a jumpstart server to automate the build of our sun boxes.
During the installation process a finish script is supposed to run. The
install appears to proceed OK and I get messages saying "Executing
finish script" and "Finish script execution completed" . However when I
check the box none of the scripts functions have been carried out and
the finish log is empty. I know jumpstart can find the script because if
I rename it I get an error message. The script is executable and if I
run it manually I don't get any errors. I have double checked the
rules.ok file and it seems correct, i.e. keyword value begin profile
finish .

As most of you suggested, the problem was due to a bug in my finish
script. Most of the replies reminded me that the installed system would
be mounted under /a . I was feeling quite pleased with myself for not
falling into the trap of forgetting this but decided to check my script
once more. I immediately spotted a mistake that the log file was writing
to /var/log_file instead of /a/var/log_file. I corrected this and
suprise, suprise, got an error message in the log file. Basically I was
being too clever and trying to nfs mount another file system to copy
some stuff from but this was failing and the script was exiting. Rather
than work out why the nfs mount was failing I copied the files into the
jumpstart directory and everything works now.

So here's what I learned:

1. The effective root is /a
2. Keep the script simple
3. Stick anything you want to copy in the jumpstart directory

Hope this is helpful to other jumpstarters.

Tony Davis.

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