SUMMARY: ping 3.x.x.x core dumps

Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 09:56:00 CDT

I had a user report that ping was segfaulting when used on anything in
the 3.x.x.x network. I asked here if anyone knew any obvious reason why
that should be (for example if 3.x.x.x were a 'special' address of any

Fortunately quite a few people did, although still more people were
generous enough to take the time to lambast me for not specifying my
operating system details, etc. No matter.

Thanks to Shriman Gurung, who correctly identified the problem as S2.5.1
bug 1219682 (ping dumps core on receiving 'ICMP Destination
Unreachable') patch 103700-01. Taco Hettema, Li Kun and Michael Gordon
also correctly identified the problem. Thanks also to everyone who

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