SUMMARY:vmunix: sd1a: Error for command 'Read'

Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 01:42:55 CDT

Hello Managers !

Thanks to all of you for your valuable time.

Thanks to
Sean Ward
Bismark Espinoza
Juergen Rothenanger
Earnest Jim
Thomas Lester

for suggesting me to replace the disk.


Hello Managers !

This is the second time iam facing disk problem in this month
OS SunOS 4.x
System Sparc 1

This system is having / /usr /home partitions.
suddenly started giving message like

( date time and hostname appears in front of vmunix)

vmunix: sd1a: Error for command 'Read'
              Error level Retryable
              Block 28864,Absolute Block:28870
              Sense key:MediaError
              Vendor 'HP' Error code:0X11

All the other partitions are intact except for the root partition.

I tried to run fsck from a different machine and it gives the same error for
fsck /dev/sd1a

What does the error code 0x11 mean ?
Is there any referance for these error codes ?

Thanks in advance.

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