SUMMARY: EEPROM checksum invalid

From: Shawn Laemmrich (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 21:20:42 CDT

I was getting the following message on an IPC I recently acquired "Bad EPROM
checksum 00008c"

On several people's advice (sorry, can't remember names off hand) and after
reading the NVRAM/hostid faq, I went ahead and replaced both the NVRAM
chip and the EEPROM chip (the one right next to it), booted the machine did a
set-defaults. Same message.

On several other people's advice I also went ahead and reprogramed the
ethernet address and the hostid, and idprom checksum. Same problem.

I guess at this point, unless anyone sees anything I may have forgotten, I'm
going to have to write off the machine (at least I didn't pay anything for

Shawn Laemmrich <>
System Administrator Technology Development Group
Michigan Tech University (906)487-1932 OR 7-2981 Fax:(906)487-3185

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