Summary: Other file systems?

From: Bruce Bowler (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 12:04:02 CDT

A while back I wrote:

> I'm looking for a filesystem that will let me use a file as a file
> system, essentially letting me create an arbitrarily large or small fs
> without having to muck with the real on-disk partition data. I need to
> be able to limit the absolute size of the fs and I need to be able to
> add/remove files from this fs.
> Any pointers to such a beast are greatly welcome...

Too many responses to thank folks by name, besides, they know who they

Several folks suggested Veritas. Unfortunately, it's out of our price

Several folks suggested Jorg's FBK which, while on the surface looks
like a good idea, I can't make it work.

Several folks asked why I wanted it (too long to explain, but the
question prompted me to think about other solutions).

One folk suggested NFS mounting a multinet volume on VMS (if VMS was an
option, I'd dump unix in half a heartbeat, but it's not)

Thanks again for the ideas, especially those who asked "Why?".


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