SUMMARY : network card dies periodically on an Ultra30

From: Amol Karnik (
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 11:11:40 CDT

hi all,

the problem was a defective network port on the machine. unfortunately
the network port on these Ultra30's is built in on to the system board,
and we had to replace the whole thing. Luckily the machine is still
under warrantly, so alteast the part was free...but Sun expects us to
replace it. ourselves .... which is a little beyond my league! called in
a sun tech guy, who replaced it. Sadly, the replacement board was also
faulty, and he had to go get another one, although we were charged only
for 2 hrs.

the way to find out if your network port is really bad is to go down to
firmware, and at the ok prompt, type
setenv auto-boot? false
optionally also setenv diag-switch? true
and when the machine give you the ok prompt again, type watch-net and
see the diags.

thanks to suggestions from these folks. i appreciate the responses.
Benjamin Cline <>
Kruse, Jason K. <>
Andrew Kyle <>



original question :
machine is a new Ultra30 running Solaris2.5.1. Since yesterday the
newtorking seems to be dying periodically. When its was dead, i put the
ethernet cable into a different machine, which was fine. hence its not
the ethernet cable, but the ethernet port or card in the ultra30 itself.
i can telnet to localhost, so its not software related. its comes up
suddenly, dies again. We run a nis based network here.

has anyone seen this sort of a thing before? i believe the ethernet port
if built into the system board itself on these ultras...if so do i have
to replace the board entirely? if yes, it is pretty easy to do so?

any ideas would be helpful. i'll summarize.

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