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From: Sean Harvey (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 18:41:34 CDT

Original query:

:Dear friends,
:I am trying to write a script that does automatic archival: Searches
:the file system at a certain level and return a list of directories
:that have 'old' mod dates.
:I found it was easy to code in perl but the find command did not work
:properly from within my script.
:Does anyone have any suggestions. This seemed easy but I'm stuck.

Thanks to Eugene Kramer, I am fixed. I used perl2find to generate some
perl code which I then used in my script. This is some kind of
perl/find bug.

If you try to run find as an external command, do not do it. Take a look
at fin2perl script, which comes with perl distribution. It'll generate
Perl script, which would do the same thing as find does without find's



Thanks to all who answered.


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