Summary II: How to install GNU C compiler on Sun OS 5.6?

From: Chen, Sunny (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 16:02:29 CDT

Below are more tips about "How to install GNU C compiler on Sun OS 5.6?"
from Charles Roten (thanks, Charles). I am posting this message and
hope it will help others to install gcc compiler.

IMHO, gcc should _NOT_ be considered as being completely installed until
the following stpes have been completed ...
1) Import a (recent) gcc distribition source tarfile.
2) Unpack it.
3) Use the existing gcc (or whatever other C compiler you have) to
do a local build.
4) As per the installation instructions, use the just-built gcc to
build a new set of binaries from source.
5) Again, as per instructions, use these to build a second set.
6) Use the second to build a third.
7) Compare binaries from copies two and three. If they are
identical (up to timestamps at the beginning of ELF/COFF files), you are
done. Install the third set of binaries as your working compiler.

Note: All of the above steps have been automated, and are supported in
the configure-make cycle. Just read the INSTALL and README files, and
fire away.
The compiler binaries you downloaded should not be thought of as
anything but an "entering wedge".

Additional information from Michael Cook (this is helpful for people who
don't have a whole idea how to install gcc on their machines, thanks,

* made a temp directory in my home directory
* ftp's the gcc.pkg.gz file into the temp directory
* cd'd to the temp directory
* gzip -d gcc.pkg.gz
* pkgadd -d gcc.pkg
* followed the prompts

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Sunny Chen

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