FIRST SUMMARY: ifconfig during boot

From: Mario Stobbe (AST) (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 06:35:45 CDT

Thanks for the hints I received. Alas, they didn't solve my problem.

>The exact hostname as found in hostname.le0 must exist in /etc/hosts
It does.
If I put the IP address into the hostname.le0 file, ifconfig creates an
interface but the netmask is assigned a wrong value . /etc/netmasks contains as the value for the netmask but ifconfig ignores the entry and
sets it to
I suppose that the /etc/netmasks file and the /etc/hosts are not accessible
although they are set read/write for uid/gid root (in the /etc/inet directory).

>Also, the nsswitch.conf file must include "files" for hosts.
>... see if the system boots correctly if you change the nsswitch.conf to use
I think, the entries in the nsswitch.conf file don't matter at boot time
because /sbin/ifconfig is used (see /etc/init.d/rootusr). The ifconfig man page
 The two versions of ifconfig, /sbin/ifconfig and
     /usr/sbin/ifconfig, behave differently with respect to name
     services. The order in which names are looked up by
     /sbin/ifconfig when the system is booting is fixed and can-
     not be changed. In contrast, changing /etc/nsswitch.conf
     may affect the behavior of /usr/sbin/ifconfig.
Nevertheless, I checked different entries
hosts: nisplus dns [NOTFOUND=return] files
hosts: files nisplus dns [NOTFOUND=return]
-> Same behaviour!

>It might be as simplistic that
>someone has removed the symbolic link from /etc/hosts -> /etc/inet/hosts
>and replaced it with a file itself.
Unfortunately not:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 Mar 27 12:55 hosts -> ./inet/hosts

>Check you /etc/net/*/hosts files and make sure they are the same name as
>your host.
They do.


>Hi Sun-managers,
>I have a sparc 10 running Solaris 2.6.
>After running without problems for several month the machine is
>complaining that the hostname is not known while booting. This
>results in wrong configured network interfaces and therefore the computer
>get in contact with the network.
>The origin for the message is a ifconfig command in /etc/init.d/rootusr:
> /sbin/ifconfig $1 inet "$addr" netmask + broadcast + -trailers up 2>&1 >
>I checked /etc/hostname.le0 ( its contents is mapped to the variable $addr)
>/etc/hosts ( and some other files like nodename defaultrouter defaultdomain
>but it seems to me that everything is ok.
>I cope with the problem by changing the entry in /etc/hostname.le0 to the IP
>the computer to prevent the system from looking up the IP in /etc/hosts.
>No complains but a wrong subnetmask and a wrong broadcast address for the
>network interfaces.
>Surprisingly, adding
>/sbin/ifconfig le0 inet $"addr" netmask + broadcast + -trailers up
>at the _end_ of /etc/init.d/rootusr leads to a well configured network
>while the original line does not.
>It seems as if the maschine can't access /etc/hosts to map the hosts name to
>IP and /etc/netmasks to identitfy the appropriate subnetmask during this phase
>of the boot process.
>What's wrong?
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