[SUMMARY] Sharing of /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow between two SUNs

From: Wales Wong (wawong@ouhk.edu.hk)
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 03:10:57 CDT

Dear Managers,

Thanks for the replies of the following managers:

"Eric D. Pancer" <eric@outlook.net>
Josee Robichaud <Josee.Robichaud@cgi.ca>
"S. Khemmanivanh" <somckit@u.washington.edu>

My original question is to ask whether there is a simplier way to
share password table other than using NIS or NIS+. Most of the replies
suggest me to use NIS because of its simplicity. Another suggestion
is to NFS mount the password file.

Because of the security concern, NIS+ seems to be my only choice.

Thanks for your attention.

Here is the original question:

Dear Managers,

Recently, we have bought a new SUN server. Its main purpose is
to share the loading of another SUN server. Both of them are
running Solaris. Since the same set of users will use them,
it would be convenience if they can use the same password
on both machine.

I can think of two methods to achieve this:
i) the use of NIS or NIS+
                However, since the user database is the only table that
                will be shared between two machines, I would like to employ
                a simplier method.

ii) copying /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to another machine via
                ftp, rsync, rdist, etc periodically.
                However, this can't allow user to change password on the
                target machine.

My question is, is there any workaround other than these two?
Is there any RADIUS-like client on Solaris that can cater my need?

Thanks in advance and, of course, I will summarize.


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