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From: Jorge Ruben Macias L. (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 13:56:22 CDT

I think the previous summary wasn't liked so, here's another.


When I want my dns to recognize a new domain, I create a new
named.domainname file, I add the corresponding line to named.boot. Then
I know I sholud reboot the dns, or kill the in.named process and restart
it. I've been told I shouldn't kill the process this way but rather
reboot because there can be processes which recognize the dns process
with its current pid. I was also told there's a way to have the process
killed and restarted with the same pid. How can I accomplish this? Is
there another way to do it?


The in.named process does not have to be killed, just signaled to read
its database again.
To do this, there are some different ways, which are only different in
syntax but are just the same thing:

kill -1 <pid>
kill -HUP <pid>

<pid> is the pid number previously obtained using something like

ps | grep in.named

Somebody mentioned <pid> may be obtained with 'cat /etc/in.named' but at
least in my system this files contains a number different from the
obtaind using ps.

It was also mentioned that some applications do DNS caching (like
sendmail) and will not recognize the change immediately. This processes
should also be signaled with kill -HUP or -1 so they recognize the new
DNS entries.

Jorge Ruben Macias 

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