SUMMARY (unsolved) : colormap problems on an ultra2

From: Amol Karnik (
Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 09:17:06 CDT

hi all,

received only 3 replies to my original question ( which is included at
the end of this email)
thanks to
Scott F. Woods <>
Patrick Goetz <>
Bismark Espinoza <>

for their help in this.

the things i should check for are the output of /usr/sbin/ffbconfig
Check the device links to the new video board and add the driver for the
new video board.

also check the output of xdpyinfo
The key is the depth: "depth of root window: 24 planes "
This says that there are 24 bit planes of color, or 2^24 = 16 million
otherwise known as "true color". If your xdpyinfo reports a depth of 8,
then you only have 256 colors.

well, the problem still remains unsolved unfortunately, as i really dont
have much insight into this and various X and ffb faqs failed to tell

the xdpyinfo did in fact actually show that the default colormap was
i have no idea what this means, but on i know the same software works if
the colormap is 0x2f or 0x27. also the values for BlackPixel and
WhitePixel were 0 and 1677783 whereas on a machine on which there are no
problems, the values were 0 and 1 respectively.

does anyone know, how to change these values, for the colormap and the

a pointer to a source of info about such this would be greatly

the man pages dont seem to tell much either. xset wont do it too.



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