Summary: Solaris 2.6 Certification

From: William Kuderka (
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 12:55:47 CDT

My original post (included at the bottom of this summary) was a request for information on the
Certified Solaris Administrator (Solaris 2.6) exams from anyone who had taken them.

>From the dozen or so responses I can summarize that:

The Sun sponsored classes on system administration (SA-285 and SA-286) do a good job of preparing
students for certification. However, in my case, signing up for classes is not an option.

The topics outlined on Sun's site are
the only topics covered on the exam, "no more, no less". (Please note that the link I provided is
a link to Sun's United States site. Links for other countries may be different.)

No one who responded and had taken the exams used the "official" Solaris Administrator's Guide or
Solaris Advanced Administrator's Guide (both are second edition and written by Janice Winsor) to
study from. This is the material I am using.

>From my own searching, their is very little on the Sun exams from sources other than Sun.

Of the two links I found, one will provide an an older 100+ sample exam for Solaris 2.x
certification with answers and explanations that can be found on

The second link has exam information, outlines and a brief web-based practice exam that can be
found at This link is also based on the older 2.x

Many thanks to all who replied. Special thanks to Luc Lauwers who was able to clarify the
reliability of the exam outlines provided by Sun as he had recently completed Solaris 2.6

William Kuderka

My original post:

> Certified SunAdmins,
> There has been a push around here to get Sun certification. In my case I would
> be looking to become a Certified Solaris Administrator (Solaris 2.6). I am
> looking for anyone who has gotten certified to let me know how you prepared
> yourself. In my case, classes through Sun aren't an option this year. I am
> currently reading Janice Winsor's "Solaris System Administrator's Guide, Second
> Edition" and "Solaris Advanced System Administrator's Guide, Second Edition".
> Also, I've been on Sun's site to review their practice exams, but 15 sample
> questions for each of the two exams seems a little weak. The topic outlines look
> good, but I don't know if they are reliable.
> Has anyone taken the 2.6 exams? How did it go? Does anyone know a source of
> sample 2.6 exams other than Sun? Does anyone who has taken the exams have
> suggested reading?

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