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Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 23:50:27 CDT

Many thanks to :-
Dirk Boenning<>
Rick Reineman<>
Jeff Wasilko<>

Their replies follow the original question. It seems that nobody is running
Netscape Proxy server with Sun Directory Services.

We are running Netscape Proxy Server 3.5 under Solaris 2.6 (SPARC) and are
using the local LDAP database for user authentication. We are close to the
maximum of 1000 users and need to purchase an LDAP Directory Server. The
choices for Solaris seem to be either Sun Directory Services 3.1 or Netscape
Directory Server 3.1. Has anybody had experience with either of these? Has
anybody done a comparison of the functionality of these two products? I have
looked at the web pages on both but it is hard to make a comparison. The Sun
product is much more favourably priced but is it providing the same
functionality? Many thanks for any comments and I will summarise.

Dirk says:-
I'm using the Netscape LDAP in version 3.1. We are really satisfied.
I can't provide a comparison between the Sun and Netscape Solution but if you
want to use it with other Netscape Products I would strongly recommend to use
the Netscape LDAP.

Rick says:-
We are running Sun's SIMS product, which has Suns Directory Services as the
LDAP component. It's been working OK for us in the email environment. We did
evaluate Netscapes mail product which had their LDAP. It seemed to work as
well, but there are differences between some of the standard objects and a few
other minor details. I would consider them functionally equivalent. It's
conceivable that Suns is faster as they will have optimized for Solaris, we
couldn't hit it hard enough to verify though. If Sun is cheaper, I'd go with

Jeff says:-
I am working at an ISP that is using Netscape LDAP server (1.03
currently) and we have nothing but problems. Even worse, their
tech support is extemely unhelpful.

We have found that 1.03 won't run on a multi-cpu system, but we
can't upgrade either because Netscape made replication between
1.03 and 3.1 incompatible.
We're looking at Sun DS, a server from Innosoft and a server fro
OpenDirectory as a replacement for Netscape.

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