SUMMARY:shutdown script

From: steve.maher@bellatlantic.COM
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 11:54:47 CDT

Thanks to all who sent responses. The general consensus is that a "K"
script in /etc/rc0.d should do the trick unless I
wanted to write a shell script that invokes the kill script first before
allowing shutdown to do it's job. Thanks again.


My original message:
> I need to kill a number of processes whenever the server is shutdown. The
> server is an E450 running Solars 2.51. > The processes are spawned after
executing a script called startapp and they > stay alive as long as the
server is up. > We need to kill all processes associated with this
appplication gracefully > if we are going to shutdown. > Do I make a "K"
entry in rc0.d ? We have a script that does the job, so > can I get
shutdown or init to execute that kill > script 1st and then continue with
the shutdown as it normally would ? I > will post a SUMMARY if I
can figure it out > w/ your help. Thanks in advance. > > Steve

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